Sunday, October 17, 2010

"You are better off than cavemen"

I'm not sure what details I can release pertaining to our three day survival course other than it was exhausting. Day one we meet John a former SAS for the British Army with ridiculous stories about training in the African jungle. He tickles fish, has went through rigorous torture resistance training, and once went five days without sleep. Day two we watch a movie about extreme survival called "Through The Void" about a mountaineering trip gone terribly wrong. After lunch we are told we cannot eat for two days and so begins the survival exercise. One match fires, solo and group shelter building, navigation, survival "spooning", and vital decisions are tested as we spend 30 hours in the bushes without food or water. Day three we stumble out of the forest cold and tired. I survived 47 hours without food, 23 hours without water, and a night in my solo shelter with the temperature dropping to -5 Celsius. I did give in at three in the morning and found one single match to light a fire to pull me through the rest of the night (we were supposed to make sleeping bags out of cedar).

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