Sunday, October 10, 2010

Climb On!

Flashback to standing on top of the climbing wall ledge attached to the local hockey rink. I am eight years old with tears streaming down my cheeks clamping on the metal bar that contains me high above the safety of solid ground. I do not want to drop off the edge of this wall. I do not want to rapell down relying on a single rope... This week I was in Stonehill, Montana "anchoring" and "cleaning" routes both involving rapelling from heights down rocky ledges. I kept thinking about how terrified I was at eight and how AMPED I was now using my ATC to descend rock faces. This week we learned movement techniques, climbed challenging 5.8-5.10d routes and solidified anchoring basics. In this short time of five days I have become fascinated with climbing and look forward to improving my technique and problem solving skills. Plus, my forearms are nicely toned and now I feel sort of legit hahaha. Maybe i'll take my Top Rope Instructors course in the spring time. That would be a challenge to work towards.

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