Thursday, July 29, 2010

An Introduction

I wanted to start a blog to chronicle my adventures this year at the Mountain Adventure Skills Training (MAST) program in Fernie, B.C.. I am writing for two reasons; to provide a detailed resource to future students of the program and to build a portfolio as a non-fiction writer to fuel my aspiration to become a travel writer.

This is an introduction to "Learning About Adventure":
WHO: your girl sierraforas (foras means outdoor in latin)
WHAT: a documented account of my year at a school for outdoor guides featuring photographs, music, and of course warming heartfelt tales of what is REALLY going on.
WHERE: the resort town of Fernie
WHEN: 2010 baby ;)
WHY: so I can become an outdoor guide of many sorts, from rock climbing and mountaineering to skiing to white water rafting

For now. Si.

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